Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fastening my seatbelt...

For this wild ride! It starts tomorrow!!!!! I can't believe we are here, it has been such a long awaited event, and now it is no longer an event of the future it is NOW!

Let me just start by saying that I am completely amazed by my doctor and nurse. How they have this whole process down to such an exact science just is amazing to me. I have been on BFP for about 19 days now, so today is day 22 of my cycle. The nurse told me I would start today and low and behold guess who showed up this afternoon.

The excitement and realness of it all set in last week when I was confirming my order with the Pharmacy. After waiting around for the delivery man all day long he finally called and said he was lost and couldn't find our road (have I mentioned that we moved out into the deep country). So he finally arrived at around 4:00 and I went through the big box of sringes, needles, and meds. It was overwhelming and if I am being honest, I must say that I wanted to cry, but I didn't. I simply verfied the order and refrigerated the necessary meds and put the other meds out of sight and into the future nursery (Just a convenient place to store).

So back to the present. I am laying here with mild cramps and not feeling too well thinking about tomorrow. I have my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound tomorrow bright and early to make sure everything is on target. I so hope that it goes well and that will be one less thing to worry about. I must say that I am a little worried about the injections especially when we get up to 4 a day. I am not sure I am going to enjoy feeling like a pin cushion 4 times a day:) I know it will be all worth it if everything works out, but still my husband who is very good at injecting horses is going to be injecting me and he has threatened more then once with a smile to use the lip twitch on me if I don't behave. Such a funny guy!

Well I will update tomorrow after I get the results of my bloodwork and ultrasound. Hopefully my blog will be more active now that we have some exciting things going on!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

How time is flying..

I guess as an amateur blogger I am learning the hardest part of blogging is finding the time to actually make a post!

Since my last post so much has happened. I have continued going to acupuncture for weekly sessions. I really love both my acupuncturist and the relaxation I feel after my session. I would love to go more then once a week but the specialist I see is not really close to our house. Anyway, I am going to continue seeing her until at least after the Embryo Transfer in June, and then if I get pregnant and I receive the okay from my RE I will continue weekly sessions throughout the first trimester.

I did meet with our new RE on March 12th and it was a great day! Not only do we LOVE our new RE and have great feelings about her practices, morals and ethics but we just have a really good feeling about the entire situation in general. While we are trying to not get our hopes up too high of IVF working the first time, with the doctors success rate it is pretty hard not to be really optimistic. She is a small private practice RE and she is very much in tune with everything that is going on with her patients. So now we wait patiently for our first cycle to roll around. We will start the IVF process in May and should know the result at the beginning of July (possibly around our 6 year anniversary).

I have been waiting for my current cycle to start because I need to have some bloodwork done and also the ultrasound of the uterus to make sure everything is good on that front. I am not too nervous about either of these things so hopefully everything will go well.

In other exciting news we are about to make a big move. We are FINALLY relocating to our ranch in Northeast Houston. We have so many BIG plans and it has been a long process but now the 620 acres of land is ready for us and we are so excited. The only part I am not excited about is finding a new job. The drive from my current job to the new house is about 90 minutes and I don't think I can do a three hour drive everyday after teaching 5 year olds! So at the present time that is another stress that is weighing on me. I am trying not to stress about it but sometimes that is easier said then done. I pray about it alot and just know that everything is going to work out just as it should!

Well the cramps have been nagging at me all day and I just can't take it anymore so I am going to turn in and hope that they will do the same and won't keep me up all night with their annoying partying in my abdomen!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

The First Step to Success...

Tomorrow at 4:00 I will be having my first accupuncture appointment! I am SO EXCITED! I have a good feeling that this could really help us achieve a pregnancy with IVF in June! I am a little scared of how it is going to feel but several people have told me that it is nothing to be scared of and that it WORKS! That is the best news I have heard in a long time! I will update tomorrow after I get back from my appointment.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Joining the Blogging Community..

Well I guess it is only fair that if I read the blogs of fellow IF bloggers that I should begin my own blog. So here it goes! My hope that is by starting this blog I will be able to connect with others who are feeling the same struggles that "Fred" (that is how I will refer to DH) and I have indurred over the past 64 months of our marriage.

Infertility SUCKS and there is no better way to put it. I have always had a fear that I would have trouble having children, but I certainly never dreamed that it would be this big of a struggle. We have gone through every test in the book, each of us has had a surgery or two. Everything pretty much comes back normal but yet I am still the ONLY one in my group of friends who is either does not have a child, is not pregnant, or has NEVER been pregnant. I guess today is a tough day also because I just received word that a very close friend of mine who has been dealing with infertility for the past two years just found out that she is pregnant. While I am extremely happy for her I am SO JEALOUS! She was my buddy in the infertility struggle. She could understand what we are going through, but now her wish of becoming pregnant has come true and mine still hasn't! How is a person supposed to get over the hurt that they feel everytime they receive that dreaded phone call or email. I know that all of my friends feel like they have to walk on eggshells in order to spare my feelings, I don't want it to be that way but what am I to do? I just pray daily that God gives me peace and patience and that my time to become a loving parent will come soon! I can't wait for the chance to tell my husband that he is going to be a daddy, I can't wait to announce to the grandparents that they are going to have another grandchild, and I can't wait to have a child to share my love with! My time will come and I know that.

We will be beginning our IVF treatment cycles in May so I hope that through this blog I will be able to help educate others on the process as well as make new friends who have been in the same boat as I, but have through the grace of God have made it out of the infertility boat and into the happy land of parenting! I pray that in June I will have excellent news to share with the world!