Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fastening my seatbelt...

For this wild ride! It starts tomorrow!!!!! I can't believe we are here, it has been such a long awaited event, and now it is no longer an event of the future it is NOW!

Let me just start by saying that I am completely amazed by my doctor and nurse. How they have this whole process down to such an exact science just is amazing to me. I have been on BFP for about 19 days now, so today is day 22 of my cycle. The nurse told me I would start today and low and behold guess who showed up this afternoon.

The excitement and realness of it all set in last week when I was confirming my order with the Pharmacy. After waiting around for the delivery man all day long he finally called and said he was lost and couldn't find our road (have I mentioned that we moved out into the deep country). So he finally arrived at around 4:00 and I went through the big box of sringes, needles, and meds. It was overwhelming and if I am being honest, I must say that I wanted to cry, but I didn't. I simply verfied the order and refrigerated the necessary meds and put the other meds out of sight and into the future nursery (Just a convenient place to store).

So back to the present. I am laying here with mild cramps and not feeling too well thinking about tomorrow. I have my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound tomorrow bright and early to make sure everything is on target. I so hope that it goes well and that will be one less thing to worry about. I must say that I am a little worried about the injections especially when we get up to 4 a day. I am not sure I am going to enjoy feeling like a pin cushion 4 times a day:) I know it will be all worth it if everything works out, but still my husband who is very good at injecting horses is going to be injecting me and he has threatened more then once with a smile to use the lip twitch on me if I don't behave. Such a funny guy!

Well I will update tomorrow after I get the results of my bloodwork and ultrasound. Hopefully my blog will be more active now that we have some exciting things going on!